Tap To Talk

"How can we improve communication in the deafblind community?"


Tap to Talk is a project that addresses how we might increase communication within the deafblind community. For someone who isn't able to see or hear, options are limited. The resulting prototype is a glove with integrated circuitry, where combinations of fingers are mapped to letters of the alphabet. These letters are then displayed on-screen, allowing an individual to address a large audience.


Created with: Adafruit ESP8266 Feather microcontroller, FSR sensors, 10kΩ resistors, LiPo battery, conductive thread.
FSRs (force-sensitive resistors) are pressure-based sensors which have a variable resistance value that changes based on the force applied. In this project, I used five sensors total, one on each finger. These sensors are connected to the microcontroller and lithium polymer battery via conductive thread, interwovern through the glove.
circuit diagram showing arduino connected to FSR sensor
I used OSC (Open Sound Control), a library adapted from osc-web, to open serial communication between the Arduino IDE and p5js interface.


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