Hi, I'm Allen!

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A 3D rendered digital woman.

A digital liason named DELCI, created to answer questions from HCPs on treatments for MS.

A tamagotchi-like toy, in the shape of a liver with a digital image of a liver on screen in pixel art.

A digital pet liver in the form of a tamagotchi, designed for kids with liver disease.

A tabletop arcade machine designed to educate physicians on a new treatment in a fun and engaging way.

A flood monitoring device created to measure and record data in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.

A dark, murky underwater environment filled with sea animals and formations, created in Maya.

A proof-of-concept glove with integrated circuitry to help improve communication for deafblind individuals.

An internal website created to showcase projects and research for our agency's Creative Engineering team.

An arcade shooter game created in 2 weeks, with all original art, music, soundFX, and code.

An adventure game where you dive deep in the ocean to catch fish for your mother.

A slice-of-life webcomic published on Webtoon about a lazy, yet wise sloth.

A series of art pieces focused around animal rights .

UX research & design for ClearOPS, a cybersecurity startup.

An animation in the style of Apple's "Don't Blink" video.

Control a ribosome and meander through your cell, exploring the different structures in a delightfully simple manner.